Moon Mansions by Mohan Koparkar (1974)

“Dividing the zodiac into 27 equal parts, based upon daily lunar movement, is used to get a wider spectrum of chart delineation. Key words for each mansion and all planets in the various 27 mansions are described, including Pluto & Ascendant. Chart comparison using the method of moon-mansions and other special features associated with the region of the sky are used.”

Also Review

Degrees of the Zodiac Magnified by Mohan Koparkar (1976)

Aspects Magnified (All Major and Minor Aspects Snythesized Using the Process of Magnification) by Mohan Koparkar (1978)

Lunar Nodes by Mohan Koparkar (1977)

Nakshatras: The Journey of the Soul (Parts 1 and 2 Combined) by Himanshu Shangari

Bundled eBooks (Nadi Astrology – Accurate Predictive Methodology; Prashna – Nadi Stellar Astrology; Dictionary of Significators in Astrology; Nadi Astrology – Marriage and Relationships; Nadi Astrology and Professions) by Umang Taneja

Nakshatra Exploration: A Unique Exponent of KP Astrology by Partha Sarathi Rout

Bundle of 4 Books (Prenatal Astrology; Predictive Astrology; Happiness in Marriage; The Rhythm of Life) by F C Dutt (Fakir Chandra Dutt)

A Text Book of Nakshatra Jyotisha by Suresh Chandra Mishra

Navagraha Evam Nakshatra Shanti नवग्रह एवं नक्षत्र शांति (गण्डमूल शांति एवं गोमुखप्रसव विधान सहितम्) (Hindi) by Ramesh Chandra Sharma Mishra

Nakshatra System on Medical Astrology by M K Viswanath

Phalit Nadi Jyotish Grah Yuti फलित नाड़ी ज्योतिष ग्रह युति (Hindi) by Raj Kumar

Vishnu Bhav Nadi Jyotish विष्णु भाव नाड़ी ज्योतिष (Hindi) – (Set of Volume 1 and 2) by Ram Krishna Goyal and Brij Bhushan Goyal

Nadi Jyotish – Raashiyan Bolti Hain राशियाँ बोलती हैं, नाड़ी ज्योतिष (Hindi) by S B R Mishr

Basics of Nakshatra Padhathi (Marriage, Profession and Health) by M K Viswanath

Ganesh Hora Shastram: Bhava Analysis (Volume 2) by S Ganesh (Guide K N Rao)

Ganesh Hora Shastram Bhava Analysis (Volume 1) by S Ganesh (Guide K N Rao)

Nakshatra Chikitsa Jyotisha (नक्षत्र-चिकित्सा ज्योतिष (Hindi) by Abhay Katyanan

Sampurna Rashi Nakshatra Aur Muhurt Vigyan राशि नक्षत्र और मुहूर्त विज्ञान (Hindi) by Kisan Lal Sharma

Nakshatras @ The Speed of Light by Kapiel Raaj

209 Snapshot Nakshatra Predictive Techniques: Vedic Astrology by Saket Shah

500 Unique Nakshatra Predictive Techniques by Saket Shah

Nakshatra Jyotish नक्षत्र ज्योतिष: Cuspal Interlinks and Sub Sub Theory कस्पल इंटेरलिंक्स एंड सब सब थ्योरी (Hindi) by S K Anil

Nakshatra Jyotish नक्षत्र ज्योतिष by Raghunandan Prasad Gaur (Hindi)

Nakshatra Jyotish: Karma Vipaka Samhita कर्मविपाकसंहिता (Hindi) by Shyam Sunder Sharma

Jyotish Kaumudi – Nakshatra Vichar ज्‍योतिष कौमुदी: नक्षत्र विचार by Durga Prasad Shukla (in Hindi)

Nakshatra Based Predictions (Vol II) Dasa Predictions by K T Shubhkaran

Nakshatra Based Predictions (Vol I) by K T Shubhkaran

27 NAKSHATRAS 27 DAYS: Salient Features of Each Nakshatra by Anuradha Sharda

Predicting Through Nakshatras (Part 2) by Sunil John

Predicting Through Nakshatras (Part 1) by Sunil John

A New Method Timing Events Using Nadi Nakshatras by Sunil John

Untold Nakshatra Jyotish: Your Guide for Prosperous and Joyful Lifestyle by Gaurish Borkar

Untold Vedic Astrology by Gaurish Borkar

Vedic Astrology Practitioner Manual by Gaurish Borkar

Journey with the Moon: Tithis in Spirituality and Astrology by Achala Sylwia Mihajlović

Discovering Youniverse – The Missing Link Between Jyotish And Spirituality by Achala Sylwia Mihajlović

Effects of planets in Nakshatra Padas by Saket Shah

Nakshatra System on Medical Astrology by M K Viswanath

Stellar Astrology (Vol 3) by Alan Annand

Stellar Astrology (Vol 1 and 2) by Alan Annand

Vedic Astrology Demystified by Chandrasekhar Sharma

Kala Sarpa by Alan Annand

The Nakshatras of the Moon by Judith Dillon (Research Paper)

Compilation on 27 Nakshatras in Vedic Jyotish by Anthony Writer

The Nakshatras: The Stars Beyond the Zodiac by Komilla Sutton

Nakshatra Based Predictions (Vol I and II Combined) by K T Shubhkaran

Science of Light: Foundation of Vedic Astrology (Vol 2) by Freedom Tobias Cole

Science of Light: An Introduction to Vedic Astrology (Vol 1) by Freedom Tobias Cole