Journey with the Moon: Tithis in Spirituality and Astrology by Achala Sylwia Mihajlović

“Journey with the Moon” is the first book ever dedicated entirely to tithis and their lunar goddesses (Nitya Devis), as well as their meaning in spirituality and Vedic astrology. The sacred cycle of Sun and Moon as expressed through tithis, solilunar days of Vedic calendar, is explained in this book through:

– symbolism and mythology
– stages of consciousness and gunas
– science of the breath
– movements of prana through the chakras in our energy body
– mantra, yantra and meditation
– musical intervals and scientific ratios
– connection between tithis, nakshatras and weekdays

“Journey with the Moon” is more than 330 pages, including meditations, affirmations and mantras prescribed for specific tithis, predictive techniques involving tithis (such as Kalachakra) and stencils of 15 yantras prescribed for each tithi. It is the first ever such a detailed book about the lunar days in Vedic astrology.

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