Nakshatra System on Medical Astrology by M K Viswanath

Fundamentals of Indian Astrology 12 Nakshatra System and significations 17 Detailed house and planetary significations 20 Role and significations of Nodes—Rahu / Ketu 26 Obesity 29 Obesity and Menstrual problems 35 Menstrual problems—Excessive bleeding 37 Irregular Menses 44 Small uterus and irregular menstrual cycle 46 Uterine Fibroids 48 Case of Epilepsy 52 Wife suffering from Epilepsy 57 Dumbness and Deafness 59 Squint (Strabismus) 66 No Child birth 71 Abortion or miscarriage 77 Removal of uterus and absence of progeny 79 Alcoholism – Liver Cirrhosis 83 Bronchitis, Alcoholism and heart problems 85 Alcoholism 88 Alcoholism and liver related issues 92 Mental illness, Insanity and Lunatic behavior 95 Love failure, mental depression and attempt to suicide 99 Depression 102 Depression and lack of confidence 104 Psychiatric disorder 106 Worried mind 109Fear, Anxiety and fickle mindedness 111 Mentally Challenged child 114 Tumor for Optical Nerves 117 Diabetes 119 Heart attack and lesser longevity 123 Blind eye 131 Tooth related issues 135 Asthma 138 Wife committed suicide 144 Food intake and indigestion 147 Homosexuality 149 Lesbian Girls 154 Pneumonia 158 Testicular pains 161 Sleep problems 164 Dreaded Disease Cancer 168 Brain Cancer – Edward Kennedy 169 Lung Cancer for Mother-in-Law 175 Gastric or Stomach Cancer 177 Leukemia or Blood Cancer 184 Throat cancer – Sri Rama Krishna Param Hans 191 Liver Cancer 197 Ovarian Cancer for Obama’s mother 201 Pancreatic Cancer – Steve Jobs 208 Tongue Cancer 211 Lung Cancer 214 Esophageal Cancer – Ann Richards 219 Breast Cancer 222 Bone Cancer for father 228 Leg Amputation due to Cancer 231 Lymphoma cancer—Jacqueline Kennedy 234 Colon Cancer—Tony Snow 238 Cervical Cancer – Julia Sweeney 243 Rectum Cancer—Corazon Aquino 245 Cervical Spondylitis 247 Fits Problem 249 Kidney stone 251 Poliomyelitis 254 Thyroid related issues 258 Bald headed persons 263 Skin disease / Eczema 266

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