Untold Vedic Astrology by Gaurish Borkar

Many times, we learn astrology in the form of rules. Any life science has an aspect of analysis and just applying rules may be ineffective. To analyse the horoscope deeper understand of principles is required. We get a deeper understanding when we learn the proof of any theorem. This book gives proofs of many principles in Vedic astrology along with a deeper understanding of important principles. I am confident that after reading this book you would feel much more confident during analysis. This shall also increase the accuracy of your prediction. The Book Covers Vital Principles to increase the accuracy of predictions 12 Important Principles from Vedic Culture How significations of houses and signs were identified interrelations of Graha (Yoga and Rajayoga) and their movements (Gati and Avastha) How to analyse Rahu and Ketu How to Identify the purpose of life of a native How rules of astrology were formed Technical understanding of Bhava Chalith Kundali Challenges in analysis and workarounds Original References from Classical Texts The book also connects Vedic Astrology with: Triune Brain Theory Multiple Intelligence Theory Quantum Physics Ayurveda and Modern Medicine Body Clock Astronomy

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