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Share and Get eBook for Free!!

We are run it as community of contributors of digital contents.

We have now remodeled our contributor’s program to ensure convenience and flexibility – for both contributors and us as a community.

In case you wish to receive any digital content for free then you will need to provide us acceptable digital content in exchange. In exchange, we will provide you any one listed digital content (except the bundled ones) for free as exchange.

Your offering eBook must be either in English or Hindi; and must be related to the digital contents we share (e.g. astrology, occult, palmistry, vastu). We reserve the right to not accept your offered eBook.

Usually we accept the exchange offer only within the same broad category of books e.g. vedic astrology books to be exchanged against book on vedic astrology

In simple words – GIVE US one eBook and GET one eBook for free as exchange (subject to process mentioned below). In case, your eBook is rare one (or expensive in terms of costs) – you may write to us for more than eBook in exchange.

Please follow the following procedure:

a. Identify the eBooks/Research paper etc from the listing at our site; and also check if the eBook you wish to share with us – is already listed. If it’s not listed then the offer can be exercised.

b. Contact us through the contact form underneath, wherein you specify the eBook (relating to the categories we list the contents), you wish to share with us (title / author / edition etc). Please note that you may share only complete eBook in pdf in good quality (readability / scan quality etc).

c. Upon receipt of your email, we will contact you – if your offering is accepted by us.

d. Upon your confirmation, you will need to email us the file (pdf). After validating the content (in terms of quality/completeness etc) , we will also email you back the digital content (eBook etc) you requested for. In case, you don’t need any eBook right now, you may exercise the credit at any later date within 3 months.

e. Once we have exchanged the eBook – We will be free to use (listing, exchange etc) your eBook at our sole discretion.

Submit us your unique digital content details (research paper, eBook, compilation etc) relating to astrology and other occult subjects. (If some other participant on exchange platform, has already submitted the same content for listing then your offering won’t be eligible for the exchange program).

Please provide as much as possible details, to minimize time/energy in communication.