Science of Light: Foundation of Vedic Astrology (Vol 2) by Freedom Tobias Cole

The first volume of science of light focused on teaching the primary components of Vedic astrology with the intent to have students able to read a chart, have access to traditional scriptures and know how to deepen their knowledge with experience. The second volume goes deeper into the philosophical foundations of Vedic astrology. Our individual reality is created by the thought structures and language we have. The more language we have, and the deeper we understand it, the broader we can approach the world and the deeper our astrology will go. The first volume shifted the individual reality into an interconnected whole and the second volume goes into the structure and functioning of that holistic framework. Proper understanding of this reference point allows one to unlimit themselves and their vision.

Science of Light: An Introduction to Vedic Astrology (Vol 1) by Freedom Tobias Cole

Nakshatra Vidhya by Freedom Tobias Cole