Science of Light: An Introduction to Vedic Astrology (Vol 1) by Freedom Tobias Cole

Vedic Astrology is an ancient science of self-discovery which teaches us how life works, how we fit into the bigger picture, our purpose for being here, and the goal of our lives. Its study and practice enriches our own life and enables us to help other people enrich theirs, giving guidance in all matters of life, from career to love to health. This book gives a well-rounded understanding of Vedic astrological principles and will serve as a textbook for university level classes of Vedic Astrology. Laying a firm foundation to expand the awareness toward the higher teachings of Vedic astrology, it is both scholarly and easy to read. This book is a crucial addition to every astrologer’s bookshelf.

Science of Light: Foundation of Vedic Astrology (Vol 2) by Freedom Tobias Cole

Nakshatra Vidhya by Freedom Tobias Cole