Nadi Astrology: Predictive Rules by Soundar Divakar

This book is not just another book on Astrology. Where there is a prediction there is science. Astrology has shown over the last three-four thousand years that future of an individual could be predicted. Several empirical rules were perceived and integrated into methods to achieve prediction. In science one comes across several predictive models to accurately predict the behaviour of a system like Finite Element Analysis, Response Surface Methodology, Fuzzy Logic and Artificial Neural Network Analysis. All these methods are backed by sound mathematics which uses the data from the variables to come up with a predictive equation which quantifies the behaviour of a system under consideration. However, the problems dealt with are not as complex as one involving in a human being. For that, we have only Astrology which does it through time tested empirical correlations and rules. The longitudes of the planets, Sun, Moon and the nodes (North Node or Rahu or Dragon’s Head and South Node or Ketu or Dragon’s Tail), their relative positions with respect to earth and their empirically attributed nature are the salient contributors to the methods involved in predictions. In the absence of any scientific explanation for the effects involved, which probably is not possible with our understanding of contemporary Physics, Chemistry and Biology, Astrology, cannot definitely be called a non-science.

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