Perpetual Market Forecast and Business Astrology Pt Ganga Prasad (1955)

This Book deals totally with aspects, and conjunctions formed in different signs by different planets, what they mean in every sign and how they will affect the prices (fall or rise or keep them steady)

Commercial Ever Ready

Perpetual Market Forecast and Business Astrology Pt Ganga Prasad

Vitta Avam Vritti Prabandha वित्त और वित्तीय प्रबंधन (Hindi) of Mukund Daivagya (Translation by Shailendra Sharma)

Argh Martand -Teji Mandi ka Anupam Granth अर्ध-मार्तण्ड (तेजी मन्दी का अनुपम ग्रन्थ) (Hindi) by Mukund Vallabh Mishr

Market Forcasting by Fakir Chandra Dutt (1949)

Vyapar Ratna व्यापार – रत्न (Hindi) by Hardev Sharma Trivedi and Gopesh kumar Ojha

Planetary Influence on Markets by Mars (Revised by N L Patel (1935)

Predicting the NIFTY and Sensex: An Astrological Analysis of Intraday Price Trend with Practical Strategies of Stock Market Prediction by Indrodeep Banerjee

Share Bazar Ki Teji-Mandi Tatha Jyotish (Stock Market and Astrology) शेयर बाजार की तेजी मंदी तथा ज्योतिष (Hindi) by Shailendra Sharma

Aarthik Jyotish आर्थिक ज्योतिष (Hindi) by Harish Ahuja

Investment Muhurtas: Auspicious Times for Investing into Gold, Silver, Property, Bonds, Fixed Deposits Stock Markets by Indrodeep Banerjee

Stock Market Hora by K R Ashok Kumar

Commercial Ever Ready Numerology by Pt Ganga Prasad