Core Yogas – Yokes to the Fruits of Karma by Ernst Wilhelm

Yoga means “yoke.” In astrology, yogas are specific planetary configurations in the horoscope that yoke the individual to the fruits of his or her karmas. In Core Yogas, Yokes to the Fruits of Karmas, you will learn the important yogas that have been signaled out by the ancient seers of Vedic Astrology. The important yogas that give success, wealth, happiness and good qualities of character, as well as those indicating downfall, financial struggle, humiliation, suffering and a degraded character are given. Most importantly, proper guidelines are given that show you how to qualify a yoga in order to correctly judge the impact that a yoga will have on the individual. Yogas are virtually a branch of Vedic Astrology in themselves, which a careful study of this book will teach you. Core Yogas includes:

All the yogas that have been given specific names by the ancient seers, over 215 important yogas.

Both dasa dependent and the non-dasa dependent yogas that indicate the inherent foundation and strength of the horoscope.

Special rules for determining the dasa/antardasa during which a yoga will give its effects.

Over 140 detailed example horoscopes. Including the fructification of the yoga during the appropriate Vimshottari Dasa/Antardasa.

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