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How to Order and Get the eBook

You will need to pay through paypal (our paypal id  ri4u.com@gmail.com) the sum for the books you want to order. We will need maximum 48-72 hours (max 3 working days) to deliver the same through email (with files as an attachment and/or download link at our server).

In the event, you want to order more than one ebook – you may make the payments towards the ebooks and advise us in contact page and/or directly to our email id ijyotish@gmail.com

Once we have received the payment, we will process the order.

In case – you are in India and want to pay through paytm – Just sum up the price of the books, you want to buy and pay by paytm with the following link

In case you want to pay through Paypal  do it with the paypal id ri4u.com@gmail.com

We regret your inconvenience. However, this is the quickest way to restore our eBook facilitation.

regards, Webmaster – JyotishBooks

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