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How to Order and Get the eBook

Just to clarify again- we facilitate only digital copies (eBooks – mostly in pdf format). These are strictly not the paper editions.

These are eBooks, so if listed on site – are always available. You don’t need to check on availability.

Graphic of the eBook cover – may not represent the respective edition of the respective eBook. In the event, you are seeking the specific edition, please write to us prior to order. 

The eBooks emailed are active for 48 hours. After 48 hours, the auto cleaner may clear the files shared through google drive (if any).

You will need to pay through paypal (our paypal id  ri4u.com@gmail.com – ri4u dot com at gmail dot com) the sum for the ebooks you want to order. We will need maximum 48-72 hours (max 3 working days) to deliver the same through email (with files as an attachment and/or download link at our server/GDrive).

In the event, you want to order more than one ebook – you may make the payments towards the ebooks and advise us in contact page and/or directly to our email id ijyotish@gmail.com

Once we have received the payment, we will process the order.

In case – you are in India and want to pay through PayTM – Just sum up the price of the books, you want to buy and pay by PayTM with the following link (in the event, if any specific link is expired – please try alternative links from the below)

You may also pay offline using the following link with any paytm / UPI app.
Offline Merchant _ijyotish
In case you want to pay through Paypal  do it with the paypal id ri4u.com@gmail.com.
In the event, payment made in other currency than Indian Rupees (with Paypal) – please add 40 US cents to the sum towards PayPal charges.
Once paid – please advise us in contact page and/or directly to our email id ijyotish at gmail.com
In case, the ebook is incomplete (usually not so – but recently, few contributors did submit incomplete eBooks), we immediately try to get the full ebook. Failing this, we issue the refund.

regards, Webmaster – JyotishBooks

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