The Nakshatras of the Moon by Judith Dillon (Research Paper)

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Journey with the Moon: Tithis in Spirituality and Astrology by Achala Sylwia Mihajlović

Discovering Youniverse – The Missing Link Between Jyotish And Spirituality by Achala Sylwia Mihajlović


Effects of planets in Nakshatra Padas by Saket Shah

Karma Vipaka Samhita कर्मविपाकसंहिता (Hindi) by Vasti Ram

Karma Vipaka Samhita कर्मविपाकसंहिता (Hindi) by Shiva Govind Dikshit

Nakshatra Jyotish: Karma Vipaka Samhita कर्मविपाकसंहिता (Hindi) by Shyam Sunder Sharma

Hindu Astrology: A Guide to Vedic Astrology, the 12 Zodiac Signs and Nakshatras by Mari Silva

Nakshatra System on Medical Astrology by M K Viswanath

Compilation on 27 Nakshatras in Vedic Jyotish by Anthony Writer

The Nakshatras: The Stars Beyond the Zodiac by Komilla Sutton

The Book of Nakshatras A Comprehensive Treatise on the 27 Constellations by Prash Trivedi

Nakshatra Based Predictions (Vol I and II Combined) by K T Shubhkaran

The Nakshatras: The Lunar Mansions of Vedic Astrology by Dennis M Harness

Significance of Nakshatras (Stellar) Astrology by S P Bhagat

Nakshatra Chintan Part I by Sharad C Joshi

Research on Nakshatras – A Handbook by Arjun Pai

Udu’s Clue: The Importance of the Nakshatra Dispositor by Marc Boney

Brhat Nakshatra by Sanjay Rath

Grah Nakshatra ( गृह नक्षत्र) by Triveni Prasad Singh (Hindi)

Role of Nakshatra in Astrology by Raj Kumar

Astrology Secrets – Love Compatibility using Nakshatras by Saket Shah

28 Nakshatras: The Real Secrets of Vedic Astrology by Deepak

Popular Hindu Astronomy: Tārm̄andalas and Nakshatras by Kalinath Mukherji (1969)