The Hindu conception of the nodes, as we’ve pointed out elsewhere, is vastly superior to Western ideas. Here are nodes in signs, houses, in combination with planets (yogas), in transits & dasas, in synastry & eclipses & more.

Lacking evidence to the contrary, I believe this to be M.C. Jain’s own work. The writing is typically Hinglish (to us K.N. Rao’s word): Natal planets work as Aerials of Wireless Receiving Sets in Human body. Here is Planets (Human Aerials) pick up the radio-activity of the Cosmos. (pg. 81). Evidence suggests Jain was personally proud of this book. When Richard Nolle gave this book an unfavorable review in 1980 (unfavorable so far as Jain was concerned), Jain replied in the forward of his next book, Karmic Control Planets (below). And odd notes on Rahu & Ketu turn up in just about all the books that Jain put his name on, whether cribbed or not. The result is a pity. A man who might be known for his work on the nodes is instead thought of as a pop astrology writer – and a thief, as well.

1. Introduction; 2. Rahu & Ketu in Hindu astrology; 3. Rahu & Ketu in western astrology; 4. True conception of Rahu & Ketu; 5. Rahu & Ketu in houses; 6. Rahu & Ketu in signs; 7. Rahu & Ketu in aspects; 8. Combinations of Rahu or Ketu with planets; 9. Rahu & Ketu in Vimshottari dasa; 10. Rahu & Ketu in transits; 11. Transit Rahu & Ketu aspecting planets; 12. Transiting planets aspecting Rahu & Ketu; 13. Kala-Sarpa yoga; 14. Eclipses in nativities; 15. Rahu & Ketu in female horoscopes; 16. Rahu & Ketu in synastry; 17. Karmic destiny; 18. Famous people.

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