The Secrets of Naadi Predictions by Aravind Swaminathan

(1) Is Naadi astrology for real? Is it fake?

(2) How could the Maharishis learn about the future of so many people, thousands of years ago?

(3) Why did the Maharishis select palm-leaves to write down the predictions?

(4) Why cannot anyone else read the letters on the palm-leaves? Why can only readers read them?

(5) Why do the predictions fail even after devotedly performing the remedies?

(6) Why does the same Naadi, which gives results to some, does not work for some others at all?

Aravind Swaminathan, a journalist, a writer and a spiritual literacy activist takes you through the answers to all such questions. Aravind has authored various books, various articles and journals. This book is a result of his research on Naadi palm leaves based astrology.

The author himself has done M. Phil in the Tamil literature and knows the deepest intricacies of the ancient Tamil language. He has also studied psychology and astrology. He has a deep interest in the studies of the ancient manuscripts, the life and the history of the Siddhas, and the temples. He also participates in various debates through Tamil television shows where he discusses his observations and findings regarding these topics.

Lastly, this book also attempts to bring awareness in the people about the fake Naadi readers by appealing the people approaching the Naadi readers strictly on their own responsibility.

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