Kaala Chakra Dasha System (Kaal Chakra Dasha): The Ultimate Predictive Tool in Vedic Astrology by Shakti Mohan Singh

Kaala Chakra Dasha is unanimously proclaimed as the most efficacious directional system, yet even the top ranking astrologers are not using the system consistently because the percentage of correct predictions based exclusively on Kaala Chakra Dasha System has been very low so far. The only plausible explanation that can be offered is that the methodology used was incorrect. Now this book places before you for the first time a conceptual model of the Kaala Chakra to help you understand the constitution, dynamics and methodology of the Kaala Chakra Dasha System. Correct method as propounded in the classical texts, enabling you to make 100% correct predictions. The amazing law of excitation for timing of events with a high level of precision and hitherto unrevealed. Secrets of analyzing the divisional charts and giving you unprecedented insight into natal astrology plus correct and exhaustive dasha / bhukti tables. Giving you freedom from lengthy and confounding calculations.

Phalit Jyotish Mein Kal Chakra फलित ज्योतिष मे काल चक्र (Hindi) by Ram Chandra Kapoor

Nadi Astrology Simplified (Based Upon Bhrigu, Nandi and Chandrakala Nadi) by Bhaskar Chakraborty

Yogini and Kalchakra Dasa by Sumeet Chugh