1. Introduction; 2. Man & his mate; 3. Psychology…Sex…Astrology; 4. Romance..Planets & you; 5. How to improve your love life; 6. The stars offer you a happy marriage; 7. What makes two people “click”?; 8. Retrograde Venus & Mars; 9. Hints for would-be brides; 10. Memo to marriage-minded males;

11. For brides only; 12. For bridegrooms only; 13. Marriage is a co-operative affair; 14. Can success in marriage be foretold?; 15. How astrology can help you avoid marriage pitfalls; 16. Surmounting adverse marriage aspects; 17. Should I get a divorce?; 18. Was that divorce necessary?; 19. Can your wife manage money?; 20. How thrifty is your wife?; 21. Wives in the pay line; 22. Marriage after 50.

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