1. Introduction;

2. Cases of Suicides (Boy wonder of Wall Street, Sylvia Plath, Jim Jones, Reason for suicide, Janis Joplin, Freddie Prinze, James Vincent Forrestal, Unexpected departure, Diana Barrymore);

3. Cases of Murder A. Political: Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto of Pakistan, President Mujibur Rehman of Bangladesh, President John F. Kennedy of USA, Prime Minister Aldo Morro of Italy, Prime Minister S.W.R.D. Bandarnaike of Sri Lanka, George Morcone, Mayor of San Francisco, What triggers a murder?;
B. Non-political: A karmic tragedy, The mysterious Loeb-Leopold case, Death of a son, Murder most foul, Murder in San Francisco; Who killed Bob Crane;

4. Kidnaping/Molestation/Murder: Richard, Scott, Richard Speck;

5. Famous People: The roaring girl (Amelia Earhart), Elvis Presley, President Jimmy Carter, President Richard Nixon, President Lyndon Johnson, President Harry Truman, Yugoslav President Marshal Tito, King Peter II of Yugoslavia, King Farouk of Egypt, President Rajendra Prasad of India;

6. Lunar mansions tables; 7. Ayanamsa tables; 8. Vimshottari dasa tables.

Comment: The Karmic Control Planets are those planets ruling the signs wherein Rahu & Ketu (the moon’s nodes) are located. As Ketu is the inlet point for past karmas, the planet ruling Ketu’s sign is the past life Karmic Control. The planet ruling Rahu’s sign is the Karmic Distribution Control Planet for the present life.

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