Advanced Techniques of Astrological Predictions ((New Edition) by K N Rao

This book, a compilation of research papers on replicable predictive techniques has been landmark in the Astrological world. The first edition was sold out in less than a year and a half testifying to the usefulness and wide acceptance of these replicable techniques. Three notable features of these research papers are: They are fundamental, being based on the fundamental principles of classical Vedic Astrology.  Il * They are composite in an innovative way. * They are multi-data based, leading to an expansion of even a micro research into a macro research at any time. #K Latest addition includes a research article on the impact of Saturn &Mars is third house. This book gives totally dependable and replicable predictive techniques which can be replicated thousand times with ninety percent or even hundred percent accuracy. A book that must be possessed by any astrologer wanting to hone his predictive tools or enhance the accuracy of his predictions. “This volume is totally different and blazes a new trail in contemporary astrological literature because it brings out methods not commonly explored but dormant in classical literature on astrology. ..,There is, in some papers, a fusion of Parashari and Jaimini principles. All papers however are primarily based on classical techniques of vedic astroIogy…Mn Rao has all along ensured that the predictive techniques evolved through the research under his guidance are such as to answer the test of replications, which is valid evidence of its scientific nature. Mr. Rao has the advantage of students involved in these studies, being highly qualified in their own fields and therefore………. -The Astrological Magazine (Jan. 1992)

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