Hindu Predictive Astrology aims at creating adequate awareness about astrology and its concepts. Hindu astrology is dealt with quite extensively in this book. The study of astrology and its importance occupies the very first chapter of the book as a result. Next, the readers are introduced to the solar and zodiac systems and their influence on Hindu astrology. The following chapters branch into the basic concepts, which include Hindu planets, dimensions of time, constellations and sun signs along with the characteristics of various signs of the zodiac. Astrological terms are also delineated clearly in addition to Hindu methodologies for horoscope description. Other topics of study include the physical and energy state of different planets and horoscope casting via the Western technique. Some other topics of study include birth confirmation, sub-periods, and Shadvargas.

Some of the chapters in Hindu Predictive Astrology include Hindu Time Measure, Marakas or Death Inflicting Planets, Key-Planets for Each Sign, Hindu Method of Casting the Horoscope, Planets, Signs and Constellations, Medical Astrology, Planets in Different Bhavas or Houses, Annual Horoscopes, On birth Verification and Rectification, and Prasna Sastra or Horary Astrology. Chapters such as The Ashtakavarga System, Practical Horoscopes, Judgement of a Horoscope, Some Special Yogas, Dasas and Bhuktis (Periods and sub-periods), Planets in Different Rasis or Signs, Gocharaphala or Results of Transits, and Source and Nature of Death are also included in the book. Readers are also taught horoscope assessment and are informed about planets that are the cause of death. Other handy information in Hindu Predictive Astrology pertains to the impact of sub-periods and periods, the Ashtakavarga horoscope system, different houses for planets and the types of death. The book takes a close look at various ideas and principles related to Hindu astrology as well.

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