Language of Rahu: Naadi Rules Explained by Vikram Divakar and Soundar Divakar

The ancient Indian astrological system of prediction, namely the naadi system, is unique in its accuracy in predicting the events in one’s life. However, the rules are rather complex and have been closely guarded secrets, through the ages. There are several naadi systems and each one has its own method, with slight variations. ≪ br/> this book deals with its own naadi method with an assurance for better accuracy in predictions. It presents complex rules of planetary progression, retrogression and Exchange with examples and makes it less ambiguous. The methods of working out planetary positions at any period of time in an individual’s life for accurate predictions are clearly explained in the book. The rules presented in this book are different from one the author had talked about in his earlier book. It uses them to logically address the procedures for accurate predictions. This is an ideal text-book for beginners of astrology.
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