Prashna – (Nadi Stellar Astrology ) A Contemporary Treatise by Umang Taneja

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My long cherished desire has been fulfilled when I am completed this book on Horary Astrology in Spain. This is second book authored by me in Sitges, Spain and fifth till date, Sitges, Spain has become my preferred destination for writing because of its quite, calm atmosphere and the Mediterranean. Book on Horary was overdue for many years as we had book on elementary Astrology “The Text Book of Astrology”, book on Nadi Astrology, “Accurate Predictive Methodology” but not on Horary.

An Astrologer has lot of responsibility on his shoulders while predicting an event because many a times whole life of the native depends on it. Challenge to a budding Astrologer is to check accuracy of his predictions. It may take years together to know the accuracy of your predictions till they come correct, which implies that after studying you will have to experience the application of science for the benefit of people at large. Nadi Astrology has been taught to me by my teacher Revered Late Sh. J.C. Luthra in 1995. Now the challenge was to know the accuracy of the system 1 with my friend Mr. P.K. Sarna took a stall In Diwali Mela to check the accuracy of Nadi Astrology through “Horary”. Two days in the Mela boosted our confidence to a great extent as we could read past, present and future through Horary very well. The experience of seeing so many horoscopes was exhilarating,

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