Ancient Hindu Astrology for the Modern Western Astrologer by James T Braha

(Not the latest 2020 revised edition)

Seeking to present Hindu philosophy in a way which Western astrologers can understand and utilize, the author of this work argues that Hindu and Western systems greatly complement each other and together form the basis for profound astrology.

Prologue; Acknowledgements; Introduction; Warning; The Hindu zodiac; Planetary symbols, direction indicators & body rulerships; The Chakras – the birthchart; The Navamsa – the one-ninth division (marriage chart); Grahas – the planets; Bhavas – the horoscope houses; Rasis – the zodiac signs; Gaining perspective of the Hindu system; Friendships between planets; Planetary powers; House rulerships; Drishtis – planetary aspects; Shad Bala – determining planetary strengths; The effect of retrograde planets; House karakas – house indicators; Kujadosha – Mars affliction affecting married life; Upayes – Antidotes for planetary afflictions (gemstones & mantras)

Planets in the houses: 1st house – House of the body; 2nd house – House of finances; 3rd house – House of siblings; 4th house – House of happiness & comforts; 5th house – House of children; 6th house – House of enemies; 7th house – House of wife; 7th house – House of wife; 8th house – House of death; 9th house – House of fortune; 10th house – House of activities (occupation); 11th house – House of gains & profits; 12th house – House of expenditure & loss; Vimshottari dasa system of prediction

Delineation of Dasa Bhuktis – the planetary periods; Transits – predicting marriage, pregnancy, homes & cars, etc.; Maturity of planets – when planets give their full effects; Yogas – planetary unions; Horoscopes of famous people (15 horoscopes analyzed); Vargas – the 16 division charts; Chaleta Bhava Kundali – the diurnal chart predictive method; Ashtaka Varga – eight-fold division system; Nakshatras – lunar mansions; Free will vs: Predestiny; A final note; Ecclesiastes excerpt; Glossary; Bibliography.

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