Rules and Principles of Love and Marriage: Astrology Insights by Hermes Astrology

(Mixed one tropical modern, as well as traditional astrology, vedic astrology rules explained etc)

The 3rd House in a Natal Chart pertains to desires and physical attraction, while the 5th House is associated with emotions and romantic love. Are you more LUSTING or LOVING?

The 7th House is about Marriage, describes your Partner and in which environment you might Meet Him/Her.

The 8th House signifies the aspects of your life that come into play after you get married, such as shared financial resources and the relationship with your in-laws.

The 12th House is about your Bedroom Life, where You Escape Physical Reality.

Astrology is an interesting way to get information about our lives. It can show us what problems and good things might happen in the future. It’s like a guide for our journey in life, but we still have the power to make our own choices. How we react to challenges and opportunities determines our future.

This book contains the following:

Chapter 1: Astrology 101: Understanding the Basics
1.1 As Above, so Below
1.2 The House Rulers
1.3 The Exact Moment of Birth
1.4 The Meaning of Planets in Astrology
1.4 The Planets of Love and Marriage
1.5 The Meaning of Zodiac Signs

Chapter 2: Planets of Lust and Love in Signs
2.1 The Meaning of Planets in Zodiac Signs
2.2 Venus in Signs
2.3 Mars in Signs

Chapter 3: Planets in Houses of Love and Marriage
3.1 The Meaning of Houses
3.2 The Houses of Love and Marriage
3.3 Planets in Third House
3.4 Planets in Fifth House
3.5 Planets in Seventh House
3.6 Planets in Eight House
3.7 Planets in Twelfth House

Chapter 4: Lords of Houses of Love and Marriage in Houses
4.1 Lord 3rd House in Houses
4.2 Lord 5th House in Houses
4.3 Lord 7th House in Houses
4.4 Lord 8th House in Houses
4.5 Lord 12th House in Houses

Chapter 5: Complete Love and Marriage Reading
5.1 Evaluating the Strength of Planets : A Step-by-Step Process
5.2 The Judgement of Houses
5.3 Assessment of Planets of Love and Marriage: Venus and Jupiter
5.4 Assessment of Houses of Love and Marriage

Chapter 5: Remedies
5.1 Gemstones
5.2 Relocation
5.3 Selfless Service

The book is written in a simple and accessible way, even for those who have no knowledge of Astrology. With practical examples and detailed explanations, it will guide you step by step into this fascinating world.

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