Ancient Egypt, Jeruslam and the Stars: Archaeoastronomical Evidence of a Secret Sacred Astronomy by Giacomo Albano

Examining the astronomical alignments of the main Egyptian monuments, the author shows that almost none of them is oriented to the rise or set of Sirius or Orion at the time of construction. How is it possible? The reader will discover that in reality all are oriented in some way to the rising points of the stars of Orion or Sirius when they were in the extreme phases of their cycle. Since there is not only one of the most important Egyptian monuments that escapes this rule of orientation, it is evident that it was the true “secret” technique behind these choices.
Being a specialist in stellar astrology, in the last part of the book the author shows how these “stellar mechanisms” have worked well beyond the field of Archaeoastronomy. He illustrates the most important encadrement by declination – active for thousands of years and still active – involving some of the brightest stars in the firmament. We will see how and why Giza and Jerusalem been the places where it has most strongly manifested the greatest effects in the field of sacred and religions, albeit in different ways and for different reasons.
The truth is that the Sacred Astronomy practiced by the Egyptians is completely unknown to contemporary scholars. Moreover it was not a simple belief or superstition of that people. It is the Supreme Science that describes how the cosmos really works, and not only for the events of sacred history. The Egyptian priests and initiates probably derived this knowledge from a tradition dating back to the dawn of time.
Since these stellar configurations regulate not only the most important events of sacred and prophane history, but also the places the events that occur, their knowledge may open new scenarios for human knowledge, far superior and far more “radical” of the much acclaimed scientific discoveries that are not able to identify the primary and occult causes of events, nor to reveal the Mystery that surrounds our existence.

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