Astrology: Take Your Understanding of the World to the Next Level by Hermes Astrology

(Mixed one tropical modern, as well as traditional astrology, vedic astrology rules explained etc)

Let’s distinguish between “Entertaining Astrology” and “Investigative Astrology.”
Entertaining astrology is the type of astrology that looks at the position of the Sun at your time of birth and states, “You are a Gemini,” and on top of that, writes daily, weekly, monthly, and annual horoscopes. This type of astrology has been debunked in many studies. It has only entertainment value and does not have any predictive value for human behaviour or events.

Investigative Astrology has been developed over thousands of years and does not define a person by a single planet or sign. Investigative astrology is not a simplistic system and requires a comprehensive analysis of various factors for accurate interpretation. There are millions of practitioners of Investigative Astrology considering that the most popular website about Investigative Astrology,, accounts for around 8 million monthly visitors.

Investigative Astrology is an intriguing method that offers a glimpse into the circumstances of our life story. It has the ability to uncover the probable obstacles, prospects, and events that we may face.

This book contains the following:

Chapter 1: How to Investigate Personality
1.1 Gaining Insights into Personality
1.2 How Astrology Unveils Personality Insights
1.3 Why Today there is a Taboo against Astrology?
1.4 Reasons to Explore Astrology

Chapter 2: Astrology Basics
2.1 As Above, so Below
2.2 The Meaning of Planets in Astrology
2.3 The Meaning of Zodiac Signs
2.4 Integrating Astrology with Personality Assessment

Chapter 3: Planets in Signs
3.1 Sun in Signs
3.2 Moon in Signs
3.3 Mercury in Signs
3.4 Venus in Signs
3.5 Mars in Signs
3.6 Jupiter in Signs
3.7 Saturn in Signs

Chapter 4: Planets in Houses
4.1 Ascendant and House system
4.2 The Exact Moment of Birth
4.3 The Meaning of Houses
4.4 Financial Houses
4.5 Marriage Houses
4.6 Sun in Houses
4.7 Moon in Houses
4.8 Mercury in Houses
4.9 Venus in Houses
4.10 Mars in Houses
4.11 Jupiter in Houses
4.12 Saturn in Houses
4.13 North Node/Rahu in Houses
4.14 South Node/Ketu in Houses
4.15 Uranus in Houses
4.16 Neptune in Houses
4.17 Pluto in Houses
4.18 Point of Fortune in Houses

Chapter 5: Lords in Houses
5.1 Lord 1st House in Houses
5.2 Lord 2nd House in Houses
5.3 Lord 3rd House in Houses
5.4 Lord 4th House in Houses
5.5 Lord 5th House in Houses
5.6 Lord 6th House in Houses
5.7 Lord 7th House in Houses
5.8 Lord 8th House in Houses
5.9 Lord 9th House in Houses
5.10 Lord 10th House in Houses
5.11 Lord 11th House in Houses
5.12. Lord 12th House in Houses

Chapter 6: Planetary Conjunctions
6.1 Sun Conjunctions
6.2 Moon Conjunctions
6.3 Mercury Conjunctions
6.4 Venus Conjunctions
6.5 Mars Conjunctions
6.6 Jupiter Conjunctions
6.7 Saturn Conjunctions
6.8 Clusters of more than two Planets in one Sign

Chapter 7: Complete Birth Chart Reading
7.1 Evaluating the Strength of Planets: A Step-by-Step Process
7.2 The Judgement of Astrological Houses
7.3 Investigating Life Areas
7.4 Timing by Transits

Chapter 8: Remedies
8.1 Prevention and Planning
8.2 Gemstones
8.3 Relocation
8.4 Selfless Service

The book is written in a simple and accessible way, even for those who have no knowledge of Astrology. With practical examples and detailed explanations, it will guide you step by step into this fascinating world.

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