Astro Dynamics of Marriage, Sex and Affairs by Arastu Prabhakar

 1. The present book is the outcome of long research in the field of Astrology and presents results in lucid style so that readers could grasp it easily. In the book both the charts viz Birth chart and well as Cuspal chart have been given so that readers could grasp the rules mentioned in the book. It is my humble suggestion that it is imperative that before predicting any event Jyotirvid must examine seriously the position of planet in both the charts. Apart that in the whole book the trine aspect principle have been emphasised. And this aspect has been found to be stronger than opposite aspect of Parashari Siddhanta. The whole book reveals the paradigm shift in the judgement of horoscope. The readers would be quite benefitted with the rules and principles given in the book. The book consists of Eighteen chapters and each chapter is very meaningful for the Astrologers who are seriously perusing this great science. 


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