Baby Star Signs: Your Guide to Better Parenting is in the Stars! by Chrissie Blaze

Even if you don’t know a Sun sign from a stop sign, this guide to parenting by the stars will show you how to better understand and nurture your baby from newborn to toddler. Using the basic tools in “Baby Star Signs”, you’ll discover how your baby’s sign accounts for his or her behavior. Instead of worrying about your baby’s quirks – and your parenting skills! – you’ll respond better to his needs, know his strengths and weaknesses, and help him grow into the unique, loving child he is.Let the zodiac show you why: at bedtime – Pisces loves to be tucked in tightly, while Leo demands bedtime kisses from the whole family; at mealtime – Virgo prefers small morsels to big meals, while Sagittarius loves new tastes and flavors; during playtime – Taurus thrives in small groups of children, while Scorpio is slow to make new friends; to learn effectively – Gemini constantly asks questions, while Capricorn goes by the book; when setting limits – Libra prefers negotiation, while Aries requires discipline doused with humor; and, for comfort – Cancer likes lots of soothing hugs, while Aquarius would rather have a story.

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