The Shadow Dance: the Astrological 7th House Workbook (Marriage, Partnership and Open Enemies i.e., the Shadow in us all) by Rebeca Eigen
Do you find yourself asking: – Why did I attract him or her? – Why are all my bosses the same? – Why is this repeating in my life? Learning about our Shadow shows us: – The hidden part of us that we badly need to have healthy relationships. – How taking responsibility for our lives can lead to wholeness and healing. In this workbook you will learn: – The concept of the Shadow, a term coined by the eminent psychiatrist, Dr. Carl G. Jung, how it is formed and where it stems from. – Repetitive patterns in relationships and why they occur. The term “projection” and what that means to each individual. This can be relationships with spouses, bosses, siblings, friends, anyone so all relationships. – How to meet people halfway and discover your missing parts. – Astrology, a synchronistic model = A tool for self awareness that can help you in all your relationships as you see the many characters that you inherently are. How all these parts need a place to be expressed in your life. – How the Astrological 7th House, in particular can help you discover the parts of yourself that get projected whenever a “fascination” with a potential lover (or what drew two people together in the first place) occurs. Or a person you “hate” or “cannot stand” as both contain parts of our Shadow. – Some essential ingredients for communication and how each person can contribute to improving the quality of their relationship by owning their own Shadow. – Ultimately we will find out we are not victims, that all our relationships are purposeful and that the Universe brings to us exactly what we need to become conscious of our many “Selves” hidden in the unconscious part of us that Jung called our Shadow. This workbook is designed to help you do Shadow work. The planets in or ruling the 7th House and in aspect to Venus will give you details of what you are missing in yourself. These hidden parts will be projected onto our partners. Once you can own your own Shadow, then a conscious relationship can begin as two people have detailed information to help them learn to cooperate and compromise (two key Libra words). Rebeca uses astrology, psychology and personal anecdotes as well as examples of those who have taken her workshops.
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