Saturn: Manager of Events (Marriage, Vocation, Health etc) by Mridula Trivedi

The book will enlighten the readers about the oft-misunderstood planet Saturn in it is entirety. The book is divided into 8 informative chapters. The first chapter highlights the cosmic significance of Saturn and presents the necessary background in terms of myths and facts related to this enigmatic planet. The second chapter is exclusively devoted to the most frightening curse and adverse period of seven and half years where formula to determine the onset and span of Sadhe Sati is explained with examples. Next chapter deals with the Saturn’s period and directions wherein consequences of Saturn’s stay in 12 signs and special effects of sub periods as well as 12 lesser known states of Saturn are discussed. The fifth chapter centers around saturn in the 7th house and different planetary positions. Chapter six analyzes the possible occupation of the individual in relation with Saturn’s placement in the birth chart which would serve as a guide to the natives in choosing a proper vocation in harmony with what planets have in store for him. The quintessential section of this book is the last chapter explaining all about diseases caused due to ill placed Saturn. All the preventive measures, mantras, stotras, etc. are quite effective, tested and have benefitted large number of natives. The book, thus, will be a great help for persons afflicted with Saturn in any way or suffering the adversity of Sadhe Sati of Shani by offering them a number of remedies to choose from according to their needs.

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