The 12 Starseed Types: Discover Your Starseed Origin by Julia Lundin

By opening this book you are dedicating yourself to beginning a new chapter and journey in your life. A journey of remembering who you really are. This is the journey of starseed awakening which is highly rewarding, but not an easy one.

The journey you have decided to take will test and challenge every facet of who you are while being significant and spectacular. You’ll experience both laughter and tears on this voyage, occasionally both at once.

This book is intended to serve as a guide and friend on what may occasionally feel like a frightening, lonely road of awakening.

Starseeds are highly evolved spiritual beings incarnated on Earth with powerful psychic skills sent to assist the Earth’s healing, growth, and transformation in these times of ascension.

If I were to write about every single starseed race on the planet, this book would not have an end. There are simple too many. That’s why I have picked 12 of the most common starseed races on Earth.

This accessible and easy-to-read book will help you understand your starseed nature and why you came to decide to come to Earth in these crazy times of duality and ascension

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