Moon Cycle Intention Journal 2023: Return to the Home Within by Sasha Korper

This beautifully designed interactive journal is a powerful guide to help you find your way home to yourself by the cycles of the Moon.

Filled with sample intentions, supportive affirmations and enlightening channeled messages, this year’s Moon Cycle Intention Journal sets the stage for you to revel in the delight of your personal dates with Moon magic.

  • Dance with the Moon’s energies each month as she guides your visions and intentions
  • Practice aligning your focus and awareness with the natural flow of available energy
  • Craft practical intention statements that resonate with your deepest yearnings
  • Manifest your desires with less effortful doing and more lighthearted play
  • Track your intention results and be amazed at the real transformation you see in your daily life

This journal is your personal invitation to return to what feeds you at the deepest level. Within its pages you will find myriad paths into a soul-satisfying relationship with you, the Moon’s cycles, and your sweetest intentions. Immerse yourself in its energies each month and surface feeling clearer and more deeply connected to your inner knowing so you can co-create your life with confidence, wisdom and grace.

Enjoy these features in your new 2023 Moon Cycle Intention Journal:

  • Calendar pages complete with void-of-course and eclipse dates
  • Prompts to track your openness, inspirations and synchronicities each month
  • More gently encouraging channelled messages for each calendar month and New Moon
  • Sample New Moon intentions to use as is or as a basis for your own
  • A New Moon Acceptance Statement to personalize for your needs each month
  • A New Moon Invocation statement to use within your own practices as you set your intentions
  • Prompts to help you revisit and refine your intentions at each Full Moon
  • Monthly invitations to engage the frequencies of the energies opposing the Full Moon to help guide your manifestation process
  • Full Moon reflection prompts to consider what’s working and what needs to change
  • A Tapping sequence guide to use with your intentions to help you truly embody your desires
  • Astrological house information
  • A simple tool to quickly establish what house each sign is in for you so you know what life arena is being most impacted by each New and Full Moon
  • An easy-to-follow intention-setting guide to support your co-creative expression

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