The Elements of Astrology by Janis Huntley 

Astrology is the study of the signs of the zodiac and the planetary positions. This book explains what the signs of the zodiac are and what they represent; how to draw up and interpret a birth chart; the influence of the signs and planets; and how astrology can help in daily life.

Lessons: introduction to signs and planets; sign groupings and interpretations; birth chart calculation; birth chart erection; calculation of aspects; interpretation – planets in signs; interpretation – planets in houses; interpretation – other configurations; predictive astrology; sample analysis – Charles Dickens. Answers. Appendices: British summertime tables; positions of Pluto – condensed for the years 1941, 1963 and 1970; astrological book and stationery suppliers; Raphael’s astronomical ephemeris (excerpts); tables of houses.

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