Altered and Unfinished Lives by Eleonora A Kimmel (2006)

In Altered and Unfinished Lives, Eleonora Kimmel has written one of her most intriguing and challenging books. Included are many factual examples of some of the most striking accident-prone combinations in all of Cosmobiology. The traditional astrologer will be totally amazed at how the catastrophic combinations fit into the natal, solar arc directed and transit charts. Never before have such tragic man-made events – beyond the control of the individuals involved – been included in a single volume that clearly and definitively explains the Cosmobiological influences active at the time. The examples clearly show the malefic planetary influences that were aligned in frightening patterns at each event. Astrologers will have a new and exciting tool to enhance their skills and make far better projections with the structure patterns in their interpretations. Eleonora Kimmel is the author of Patterns of Destiny, Fundamentals of Cosmobiology and Cosmobiology for the 21st Century.


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