Astronomy and Mathematical Astrology by Deepak Kapoor (2011)

Our classical texts on astrology state that one who knows this science, is truthful, well versed in mathematics, Vedas, mantras and tantras can only be an astrologer capable of correctly predicting the future. Astrology was therefore divided into two main parts-Ganita Jyotisha (mathematical astronomy and astrology) and Phalita Jyotisha (predictive astrology). This book deals with the Ganita Jyotisha, so very essential to lay the foundation on which the edifice of Phalita Jyotisha can be built.

A complete work on Astronomy relevant to Astrology and a scientific study of casting of horoscope and divisional charts with vimshottari dasha, bhavas, upgrahas, panchanga, graha bala and bhava bala etc.


About the Author

Deepak Kapoor, M.Sc, PGDPM, DLT, Jyotish Visharad is a practicing astrologer of International fame. He is a distinguished honorary faculty member at the Institute of Astrology, Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, New Delhi. He teaches various subjects of astrology but his area of specialisation is prashna. He is the author of another popular book “Prashna Shastra” published both in English and Hindi.



Mr K N Rao, the guiding force of astrology classes at Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan New Delhi has been a constant source of inspiration. This encouragement has eventually resulted in writing of Astronomy and Mathematical Astrology.

This book is primarily meant for those who want to learn the techniques of casting a horoscope and divisional charts with clear perception, systematically and scientifically. Each step has been explained logically and the subject dealt in simple and lucid narration.

The first few chapters briefly explain those concepts of astronomy which are relevant to astrology. The subsequent chapters gradually lead to casting of horoscope both by modern & traditional methods. It is a complete text book on astronomy and mathematical astrology covering Vimshottari Dasha, Bhavas, Upgrahas, Panchang calculation, Graha bala, Bhava bala and Divisional charts etc. A chapter on the brief history of astronomy in India has been added.

This book will also serve as a handy reference material required for astrological calculations.


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