A New Guide to Astrology or Astrology Brought to Light Being Fitted for All Manner of Horary Questions by Samuel Penseyre (1756)

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The Doctrine of Horary Questions by John Gadbury (1658)

Essentials of Horary Astrology or Prasnapadavi by M Ramakrishna Bhat

Horary Astrology by Alan Leo

Prashna Jnana Pradip (Kerala Prasna Shastra) प्रश्नज्ञानप्रदीप – केरलप्रश्नशास्त्र (Hindi) by Shambhu Singh

Kerala Prasna Shastra Sangrah केरलप्रश्नशास्त्रसंग्रह (Hindi) by Guru Prasad Gaud

Prasna Marga – Vol I by B V Raman

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