Vedic Astrology: How to Discover Secrets of Your Indian Star Sign by Komilla Sutton

An illustrated guide to Indian astrology taps the great Vedic tradition, allowing readers to use their birthdate to uncover information about relationships, personality, karma, sexual energy, and much, much more.

Interest in Vedic or Indian astrology is growing, along with the recognition that this system is one of the oldest astrological divination disciplines. Following Vedic astrology will connect you with a respected mystic tradition more than five thousand years old: you’ll learn more about your place in the world and your inner nature than ever before. the book opens with a gatefold displaying the Vedic wheel, which lays out all 27 of the Indian star signs, or nakshatras, each representing 13 or 14 days of the calendar year. Each sign is then profiled in turn, with extensive descriptions including information on ruling planets and deities, personality traits, spiritual life path, relationships, ayurvedic doshas and characteristics, plus likely compatibility with other signs. Lively, colourful and accessible, this is the perfect introduction to the Vedic tradition.

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