The Complete Guide to Men sex Astrology: Understand Yourself A Sign Guide to Your Sensual Stars, The Astrology of Sex And Sextrology for Man by Robert H Kevin

No matter which sign you choose to woo, taking a peek into your partner’s sexual tendencies can help you better understand their likes and dislikes and how to best be in sync which is why we chatted with astrologer Valerie Mesa for some sex astrology insight. Hopefully, her advice will not only make sex more enjoyable, but inspire passion that will also carry over into other areas of the relationship to create greater intimacy and trust.


  • The Virgo Man And Sex
  • The Taurus Man And Sex
  • The Gemini Man And Sex
  • The Malignant Growth Man And Sex
  • The Leeo Man And Sex
  • The Aries Man And Sex
  • The Scorpio Man And Sex
  • Sex And The Capricorn Man
  • Sex And The Aquarius Man

And More More…

The Astrology of Sex is the ultimate illustrated guide to understanding your own sexual desires and the sexual needs of your partner based on your horoscopes. Whether you want to unleash the lust of a Leo, tame a Taurus, seduce a Sagittarius, or break the ice with a Virgo, this sexy guide will help you navigate your love life using the stars.

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