Numerology Secrets (Part 1 and 2) by Saket Shah

Numerology uses numbers as a key to human behavior. It is an easy-to-learn method that exercises the mind’s intuitive faculty to fathom the depths of human personality.
Numerologists have to forget their own identities and devote themselves totally to exploring the personalities of others. They must learn to become calm and empty before they are able to use their intuition. Practicing the art of numerology creates endurance, patience, and pointedness. Experience teaches numerologists more than books can teach. The information contained in books only opens the windows of the mind. One then has to work with one’s personal understanding of that information. Information alone is not knowledge; direct experience must be added before information becomes knowledge. Numerology is simple to learn and very engaging, like the creative arts. It teaches one sympathy toward others.
For a numerologist the planets become embodied in a human form, and he or she can closely observe them as a part of the cosmic play.
Those people who do not allow themselves the freedom of seeing the influence of the celestial and astral bodies cannot observe this play. Planets for them are objects in outer space that have no influence on their physical and mental make-up. To them all predictive sciences are useless. People who have
time, faith, and enough patience, however, can watch this play and learn from it the lessons that will guide the consciousness of coming generations.
Numerology is not a complete science. It is just one branch of the predictive sciences. To be a good numerologist one must become a good observer and a patient listener. Study of physiognomy and astrology is very necessary. Numerology is much simpler than astrology and does not require complicated mathematical calculations. There are just three things a numerologist needs to know: the day of the month a person was born, the numerological value of his or her popular name, and the person’s total birth information (date, month, and year). From astrology, the numerologist needs to know about all the zodiac signs, and a person’s day of birth, sun sign, and moon sign. In India, the season during which a person was born also has to be known, since that has an effect on one’s temperament. Certain information from physiognomy needs to be learned as well, such as how the shape and form of the various body parts correlate with an individual’s thinking process.

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