Nadi Techniques and Remedies for Dasamsa: Basic and Advanced Techniques by K B Gopalakrishnan

Dasamsa is a main chart among the amsas as they give a very deep insight about a person’s career. When it comes to the dasamsa chart there are many doubts on how to read it and when it comes to specific aspects of the career like how will be the relationship with the boss? How will be my prospects for going abroad? Or how will my office environment be? We need to understand that the dasamsa chart itself is a very specific chart which gives a deep picture about the aspects of the career.

In this unique Nadi techniques for dasamsa book you will learn about the basics of dasamsa. The angle from which you can see the various aspects of a career.

The most commonly asked questions in the career of a person. How to read the dasamsa? How to read transit and predict from a dasamsa chart? Remedies for career.

A very easy to understand book which has both basic and advanced nadi techniques that can be applied by anyone who has basic astrology knowledge.

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