Solar Returns Handbook: Predictive Astrology for Beginners by J R Steinmetz

This clear, comprehensive and condensed handbook will help you interpret your solar returns, secondary progressions and directions year after year, as well as those of your family and friends, by giving you an overview of potential future events.

These traditional techniques are presented here in a practical way. Emphasis is placed on concrete and meaningful examples, which demonstrate the extraordinary relevance of this predictive method. Like a compass and a map, your revolution and this guide will allow you to orient yourself in your life, preparing you to seize opportunities and possibly avoid pitfalls.

This handbook includes :

  • An explanation of the interpretation method
  • The significance of the planets in houses of solar return
  • The meaning of the Ascendant and the MC of solar return in natal signs and houses
  • The interpretation of the superimposition of the houses of the solar return chart on the houses of the natal chart
  • The interpretation of the positions of the solar return Moon in signs
  • The meaning of conjunctions in solar returns
  • The meaning of the return of planets to the places of other planets
  • 8 examples of solar returns with interpretations, including :
    1. A decisive sentimental encounter
    2. The marriage following this meeting (man)
    3. The marriage of the woman
    4. Buying a house and adultery
    5. A person’s last solar return
    6. The death of a parent and a radical change in life
    7. Journey and inner evolution
    8. Birth of a little brother
  • The meanings of symbolic directions and of secondary progressions.
  • Examples of secondary progressions and symbolic directions (sentimental encounter and marriage)
  • A tutorial on how to use an efficient and free astrology software

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