Pan’s Script: Astronumerology by Elkie White

Destiny may be written in the stars, but you have the power to shape it. In Pan’s Script, author Elkie White, offers a treasure trove of vital information about you, your loved ones, and your life, through astrology and numerology, combined.

Pan’s Script guides you to the discovery of your Astro-Number Signature: the governing resonance of your entire energy-field. It paints a multidimensional personal portrait by showing you how to:

– enact the power and potential within your date of birth and your name
– apply your birthday number to make headway in life
– identify your true personality
– assess the forces shaping your life
– time your personal cycles
– appreciate the various types of intelligence, yours and others
– interpret your personal years within the context of the world’s year
– correlate numerology and astrology
– unite your numbers and your horoscope
– calculate and interpret your Astro-Number Signature
– explore the implications of your astronumerology for your career-path and relationships

Based on careful research and the refinement of formulae from thousands of case studies, Pan’s Script teaches you about yourself as it reveals your Astronumerological DNA, because to know is to understand.

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