Horary Astrology: Your Ultimate Horary Textbook with 124 Example Cases by Ema Kurent

A horary textbook on 460 pages, large format. This book is more than just a book – it offers an in-depth, self-teaching course. Its 153 pages of theory and 307 pages of practice (124 example charts, all from the author’s files, nearly all with a known result) are a rich source of knowledge, provided by a professional astrologer with over 25 years of practice in consulting and teaching. The author, Ema Kurent (QHP or Qualified Horary Practitioner, DFAstrolS, ISAR CAP, CMA), is not only a qualified and experienced astrological counselor, teacher and international speaker, but also a writer who has produced several bestselling books in her native, Slovenian language. This book will teach you how to become an expert in horary astrology, and it will also show you how to master natal astrology by learning those ancient astrological techniques which are at the core of the horary art. It is suitable for those barely knowing how to draw a chart as well as for more experienced astrologers and horary practitioners. But what is horary astrology? It is an ancient branch of astrology aiming to provide short and clear answers to specific questions. (Does Peter love me? Where are my sunglasses? Is my kitten going to be well again? Should I quit my job? Are we travelling to Scotland this year? Is my husband going to launch his business project soon? Etc.) In the Practice part of the book, all example cases are thoroughly delineated and accompanied by whole-page charts including the necessary tables. Practice is divided into 12 sub-categories: Love and marriage, Pregnancy, Employment and career, Real estate, Finance, Missing articles, Missing people and pets, Physical well-being, Legal questions, Travel, Services, Miscellaneous cases. Each of those chapters is introduced by detailed interpretive rules, specific to each category of questions.The Theory part is much more than simple theory which has already been covered in all the other horary books; it is an elaborate resume of the author’s rich experience, and it involves new insights. The book includes chapters on her original research into the use of eclipses, declinations and locational astrology in horary, for example. She also makes sure that you understand the basics, not only of horary but of astrology per se. Some traditional approaches are being questioned, though, and the reader encouraged to re-think some of the concepts that she believes are being wrongly understood and practiced by modern horary astrologers. Ema first wrote this book in her native, Slovenian language (published 2015) and then translated it to reach a wider audience.

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