From the Moment We Met: The Astrology of Adult Relationships by Brian Clark

Relationship astrology – synastry – is not just an exploration of compatibility and possibility; it calls us to honour the mystery and soul of our attachments – not for what we want them to be, but for how they truly are.
By its very nature, relationship is inevitable. Embedded in every human being is an instinct to respond and attach, to embrace the desire and urge to relate. As an integral human pattern, relationship is an aspect of every individual’s future, shaped by the familial, ancestral and cultural atmosphere of the times in which they live; consequently, relationship is a central motif woven into each individual horoscope.

When two souls form a relationship with one another, so do their horoscopes. The quest to understand the heart of relationship inspires this volume. From the Moment We Met offers a guide through the labyrinth of astrological symbols and images towards a clearer understanding and acceptance of your adult relationships.

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