Solar Returns by Ciro Discepolo

In the opinion of the Author this book should be studied together with the other, titled “Transits and Solar Returns”, because this one is, over all, about the technique of Solar Returns, starting from the meaning of a Solar Return and continuing with the calculations to get a SR (Solar Return), and a lot of related technical problems like: “By What Strength a Solar Return Works”, “Which Place You Should Consider to Calculate a Solar Return”, “Long and Short Ascension Signs”, “How to Make Manual Calculations”, “What is the Annual Progression of Sidereal Time”, “From When to When a Solar Return Works”, “How Long it Is Necessary to Remain in the SR Location”, “What Happens if the Time Zone Changes”, “The Results of the Last Researches”. For example, in the latter, we read: “Remember that Saturn is always stronger than Jupiter or Venus or the Sun. So, if you place, in a SR chart, a Saturn close to Midheaven and contemporarily you place Jupiter or Venus exactly joined to Midheaven, your SR Tenth House will work as Saturn works and not as Jupiter or Venus”.
In the book there are also sixty examples of Solar Returns in order to explain, in a very practical way, all the theory and the interpretations contained here (“The Ascendant of the SR in the Radix Houses”, “Celestials in the SR Houses”, etc.).
It is the first full-length volume by Ciro Discepolo about Solar Returns and it has been revised many times since 1993 to the present.

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