Love Stars: A Guide to All Your Relationships by Claire Petulengro (2002)

Let the stars reveal what’s behind the twinkle in their eye and help you live with them later! Britain’s freshest young astrologer and author of Health Signs and Diet Signs in Pan, turns her mind to the minefield of love and the vagaries of relationships with friends, bosses, mothers-in-law, children and others. The book is divided by element and then by star sign, so you can look up your combination to discover top ten turn-offs and tips on behavioural tendencies, on dates, at home, work and leisure. Check out the compatibility charts at the back to find a quick guide to how harmony, home life, excitement and loyalty rate between you. There are true stories from Claire’s many clients, the results of her surveys (including the lies people tell), and raunchy tips on what they’re like in bed! Claire also helps you understand the power games they might be prone to leading you into and the issues that will spark arguments. Leading to an in-depth understanding of your different needs, desires and characters, this book will help you smooth out misunderstandings, improve the rapport in your non-romantic relationships, spot true love and get on with living with and loving your partner for the rest of your life.

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