The Cosmic Hourglass of Life by Theresa H McDevitt

Like the hourglass, astrology has been used to keep track of time since the beginning of civilization.

While some have sought to debunk its science, it has stood the test of time. It’s not a belief or superstition limited to frivolous horoscopes, and this book explains why.

Theresa H. McDevitt, a professional astrological counselor, presents cold hard facts that can be verified through observation and by studying history. She examines:

– planetary cycles and their connection to life expectancy;

– cosmic energy and how it affects every organism on Earth; and

– generational life cycles and the legacies that individuals leave behind.

The author also goes beyond history to show the hidden powers behind the functional workings of the world and humanity-the how, when, and why everything happens.

By gaining a clear picture of what you’ll encounter from birth to death, you’ll be empowered to contribute more to the world. Go beyond being informed and discover true knowledge with The Cosmic Hourglass of Life.

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