Practical Astrology and Numerology for Beginners: Discover Your Souls Purpose, Decode Your Relationships, Understand All the Essentials and Utilize Tarot & Crystals to Enhance Your Life (4 in 1) by Sasvata Sukha

Discover EVERYTHING You Need To Know To Start The Ultimate Self-Discovery Journey With Astrology & Numerology AND Utilize The Teachings Practically To Find Your True Calling, Dream Career & Create Harmonious Relationships!

We’ve all looked at the occasional horoscope from time to time.

But, do you understand the true power that comes with understanding Astrology & Numerology on a deep level.

Doing so, allows you to get to know yourself like never before, and finally understand yourself on a level you didn’t think was possible.

Even more than that, it will help you create harmonious relationships on your life, and not just on a romantic level, but friendships, business relationships & any other form you have!

And, true understanding of Astrology & Numerology will allow you to deeply empathize & understand other people and their behaviors also, meaning you’ll massively improve your social skills as a nice little side bonus.

So, it’s time to start & master your Self-Discovery journey today!

Here’s a tiny slither of what’s inside…

Astrology Simplified- Easy To Understand Language & Digestible Descriptions That Make Understanding Astrology As Easy As Riding A Bike

A Deep Look Into The Power Of Planetary Influences & How These Can Positively Effect Your Relationships And Self-Development (Including 2 Practical Examples Of Star Signs Being Ruled By Planets)

How You Can Use The Power Of Crystals & Gemstones To Positively Influence Your Behavior Depending On Which Planet Is Dominant For Your Sign!

Exactly What You Need To Know About The 4 Elements & How To Balance Them Depending On Your Sign

How To Read And Use Sun (Star) Signs Effectively Without Being Confused Or Mislead In Your Self-Discovery Journey

Why Understanding ALL The Star Signs Will Massively Help Improve ALL Your Relationships (And Provide A Great Basis For Future Friendships & Romantic Relationships)

3 Personalized, Simple Tips Every Sun Sign Can Start Using Instantly In Your Own Life

How Your Moon Sign Greatly Impacts Your Personality & 3 Takeaways For Every Moon Sign

What Is The Difference Between Moon And Sun Signs, And Why You Need To Know Both

How To Use The Pythagorean System To Recognize The Patterns And Subtle Messages That Will Empower You To Live A More Balanced And Intuitive Life (Hardly Anyone Knows About This!)

How To Determine Your Unique Vibration And Purpose By Identifying Your Life Path Number (With Easy To Follow Calculations!)

In-Depth Analyses Of Each Life Path’s Unique Characteristics, Virtues, And Challenges They Will Face On Their Journey

ALL 12 Life Paths With Corresponding Sun Signs Explained To Help You Deeply Understand Not Only Your Own Ideal Path But That Of Others!

BONUS: An Exact Birth Chart To Help You Understand Astrology & Numerology And How Deeply It Can Transform Someone’s Life

And that’s BARELY scratching the surface!

Even if you have ZERO idea what true Astrology even is, even if you’ve never heard of a Life Path before & even if you have no idea of the huge influences Astrology & Numerology have on all aspects of your life this complete guide will help you not only understand Astrology & Numerology but use the teachings practically in your own life!

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