Female Powers: A Global Timeless Empowering Journey with Female Spirits by Miranda Swords

The dwarf planet Eris was discovered in 2005, being the sister of Ares/Mars she brings us to attention as a collective that we need to acknowledge the empowering side of femenity.

In this book you will delve in the powers of many female spirits, going from Goddesses, Elementals Queens and a female angel to empower you. Satisfy your material needs with Lakshmi, connect with your highest self with Kuan Yin and the Naga Queen, channel the powers of Laylah, the only female angel noted in the Talmud, light hope in your life with Beaivi-Nieida, empower your magickal manifestations with Selene, explore your shadow-self with Aeracura, and many more.

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