Astrology: 30 Years Research by Doris Chase Doane (1956)

This exceptional and unique volume is the culmination of thirty years of research conducted by the Church of Light. The research involved the study of thousands of timed birth charts and their associated signs, aspects, house placements, and progressions. It revealed the constants that indicate many health conditions, life events, careers, earning potential, longevity, and relationships. Each of these is listed in a tabular format with discussion about what the research revealed. In addition to the extensive sections that list and analyze the research data is a chapter that focuses on case studies of twins and how their lives paralleled and differed over time. One case study examines fraternal twins and another looks at the lives of astrological twins. The research information presented is valuable both in its usefulness as proof of astrology’s validity and as an aid to the astrologer and student in identifying potential events and tendencies indicated in the birth chart and through transits and progressions.

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