Man and the Zodiac by David Anrias (1938)

In Astrology it has long been known that the sign of the zodiac, rising in the east at birth (the ascending sign), largely determines physical appearance. In this book David Anrias shows what each sign looks like when rising. He goes further and, dividing each sign into 10 degree sections (known as “decanates”), shows how appearance changes, from early degrees, to middle degrees, to late degrees of the same sign. All 36 drawings are by the author himself, who was an accomplished artist and a keen observer. Twelve of these you will find in the frontispiece, the remaining 24 are in Book 1, chapter 7. While other artists have sketched the twelve basic types, and one or two have given variations on some of them, Anrias is the only astrological artist/writer to make systematic sketches of all 36 variations.Anrias follows this with deft character sketches. If a given decanate (the third decanate of Libra, for example) produces a distinct face, it also produces a distinct personality. Of this book, Dr. H., of Regulus Astrology LLC (author of A Rectification Manual; America is Born) writes, “I find Anrias’ use of the decans based on triplicities more accurate than Chaldean decans for application in physiognomy judgments.”DAVID ANRIAS, the pen-name of Brian Ross, served with the British forces in World War I. A natural sensitive, after the war he joined the Theosophical Society, studied in India, and wasassociated with Jiddu Krishnamurti’s ill-fated Order of the Star in the East. He strenuously disagreed with Krishnamurti’s decision to dissolve it. Anrias’s intense study of theosophy and metaphysics enlivens his astrology, making his book most fascinatingreading.

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